Pocket Monster Resin Earrings


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Carry your favorite pocket monster wherever you go.


These pocket monster earrings are made out of resin and are hanging from gold plated ear hooks.

It is recommended to remove all jewelry before going to bed, showering, swimming, or other physical activities.  Even so, skin oils and residue may dull your jewelry.  You can easily bring back its shine with a polishing cloth.

Resin pieces are made from hand-poured colored/uncolored resin, glitter and/or other inclusion causing slight variations in depth, placement inclusions, as well as adding to the piece’s charm.  Each one will vary slightly from one to the next.  Some colors may appear slightly different in person than they do on screen.


  • Made using a thick mold so slightly HEAVY
  • Made in Puerto Rico


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Purple & Violet, Orange, Yellow & Blue


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