Back to School Backpacks and More

It’s almost time for back to school (or back to homeschooling).  This means it’s the time when you may need to buy new backpacks, notebooks, pencils, etc.  Instead of going the “regular” way, we like the geeky way.  This means superhero backpacks, nerdy notebooks, and quirky pencils.  Check out these products we found online to make your back to school a cool one.



These backpacks range from art (we DIE for that dragon-on-my-shoulder backpack) to cute (that Groot is adorable).  Dragons, gaming, superheroes, film and TV are just a few of the kind of geeky backpacks you can find online. (You may want to also check out cool backpacks from Crowded Coop and Sprayground.


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Notebooks aren’t really just for school.  Besides the notebooks we use for homeschooling, we have notebooks for personal use…and yes, some that are just because they’re pretty freaking cool.  And honestly, these notebooks are just so cool they would probably not get used in our home.  They’d be displayed.  😀  Another option?  Just take a regular notebook and DIY it as shown in the first half of the last slide.


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Backpacks and notebooks aren’t the only things you need, but they can also be geeky and quirky.  And although it’s not necessarily a back to school item, we’re bibliophiles so we have bookmarks on our list.  We’re makers so we like making them, but we’re also kind of in love with the ones below.


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We Do Geek asks…
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