New Design in our We Do Geek Shop

In our Saltgunners’ post, we gave a sneak peek of a new design we were working on.  Glad to announce we finished the design.  We love how it looks.  And we’ve added it to a BUNCH of new products in the shop.

We had added a few mugs to our shop recently .  These were mostly in our Fangirl/Fanboy collection.  Since then we’ve been working on more designs (as well as more handmade products).

The new design we’re releasing is a black and white repeated image of women protesting.  On it is the phrase “A woman’s place is in the resistance” in white letters outlined in black.  The first product this design went on was a pencil skirt.


A New Design in our We Do Geek Shop -- News -- Geeky Pencil Skirt --- We Do Geek


I like how pencil skirts look but I prefer “geeky” ones. (Truthfully, I usually prefer geeky anything.)  In my area, I’ve found the normal black, brown, and red…but I find them kind of boring.  (Yes, even the red.)  I love prints and this new design looks great on a pencil skirt.

Talking to a friend she joked about her legs and preferring minis.  So…we did the design on a mini skirt, too.


A New Design in our We Do Geek Shop -- News -- Geeky Mini Skirt --- We Do Geek


One movie night, we were waiting for the movie to start and I started thinking about what else I’d place this design on. Personally, I’d probably emblazon the whole house with it.  But, just a touch right?  I was thinking towels, shower curtains, wall art…then it hit me.  The black and white would look great over the red sofa.  Throw pillow it is, then!


A New Design in our We Do Geek Shop -- News -- Geeky Throw Pillow --- We Do Geek


Besides the throw pillow, we also put the design on tote bags and posters.

A New Design in our We Do Geek Shop -- News -- Geeky Tote Bag and Art Poster --- We Do Geek


I’m not sure if we’ll be adding this “A Woman’s Place” to other products.  But, then again there are times when I do want to.  I guess it all depends on the product!



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