We Have Buttons for Rocksalters and Saltgunners!

Attention Rocksalters and those in the Resistance!

We have more buttons for you Saltgunners!

For those of you in the Resistance…well we have something later on for you.

In our first post, we mentioned our buttons and showed the following picture of the designs we put together:

Our New Shop - buttons -- News --- We Do Geek

They hadn’t been added to the shop because we wanted to try them out first to see how they look.   We tried ’em.  We love ’em.  And so I am glad to say we now have SPNFamily-inspired buttons available in the We Do Geek shop.  As you can also see from the photo above, we also have some dragon buttons we’ll be adding to the store soon as soon as we test out the print on those.

Not only that, but we’re also waiting on some mock-ups for a design that is personally one of my favorites.  Here’s a sneak peek of part of the design:

Buttons for Rocksalters & More -- News -- New Design --- We Do Geek

I am really excited to see how this design comes out.  It’s one of the new products we’re going to be adding to the store IF we like how it looks.  (I think I may plaster this one all over the house.)  This design won’t be available in our mini-buttons because the button size is too small for the design….although, IF we were to offer larger buttons…hmmm….



We Do Geek asks…
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