New Geek Jewelry Added to Our Shop

We are happy to announce we’ve added more geek jewelry to our shop!

First up are our wrap around rings. Made out of aluminum, these rings are lightweight and easy to wear. I wear these frequently (sometimes one, sometimes two) and they are only a “distraction” when I’m waiting around in a line or a lobby sometimes. I just find myself twisting and reading and just smiling.

Geek Jewelry Just In -- News -- Wrap Around Rings --- We Do Geek

We’ve also added our Hashtag Phrase Necklaces to We Do Geek’s geek jewelry section. We participated recently at a festival and these were quite a hit there. The copper-colored aluminum plaques hang from an 18″ black chain. They’re stamped with a couple of our favorite phrases that we use when we refer to each other.

Geek Jewelry Just In -- News -- Hashtag Phrase Necklace --- We Do Geek

We’ve added a few styles of each at first, but we are already in the process of adding more soon.

Check out our new products here!

We Do Geek asks…
Necklace, earrings, ring, other? What kind of jewelry piece do you always “have” to wear. Let us know by commenting below or on Twitter @ShopWeDoGeek.

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