Celebrating May 4th with a Giveaway

Saturday is May 4th and, as you may know, that means it’s Star Wars Day. (Btw, the We Do Geek family is definitely going to be geeking out.)

May is an important month for Star Wars fans. Not only were both the original and prequel trilogy released during May, but George Lucas was born on May 14th. (If you want to know what May the 4th and Margaret Thatcher have in common check out Geek Tyrant.)

The classic go-to (and pretty good) idea to celebrate May 4th is to have a Star Wars marathon (while dressed up as a Star Wars character, of course). This is especially awesome if you’re introducing the legendary saga to little ones.

We wanted to share with you some great ideas to celebrate May 4th with the geeks you love, just in case you wanted to do more than a marathon.


Food & Drinks

If you want some Star Wars-inspired treats, check these out:

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We’re makers here and maybe so are you and yours. If that’s the case, you may want to do some crafting to celebrate May 4th.

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On the StarWars.com site you can find some fun quizzes to do while you cook and/or craft. You can also find great deals on things such as art, toys, clothing, and video games.

To celebrate Star Wars Day with you: a giveaway for you we have. (Get it?)

One lucky winner (from US or PR*), will receive her or his choice of one 4″ Budai mash-up 3d printed statuette. The winner will have his or her option to choose which character they would like to receive.

Giveaway --- Celebrating May 4th with a Giveaway

You can participate below. And May the Fourth be with you!


May the 4th Be With You Giveaway

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