Celebrating May 4th with a Giveaway

Saturday is May 4th and, as you may know, that means it’s Star Wars Day. (Btw, the We Do Geek family is definitely going to be geeking out.) May is an important month for Star Wars fans. Not only were both the original and prequel trilogy released during May, but George Lucas was born on […]

New Geek Jewelry Added to Our Shop

We are happy to announce we’ve added more geek jewelry to our shop! First up are our wrap around rings. Made out of aluminum, these rings are lightweight and easy to wear. I wear these frequently (sometimes one, sometimes two) and they are only a “distraction” when I’m waiting around in a line or a […]

We Now Have a Loyalty Program in our Shop

I don’t know about you and your family, but the We Do Geek family participates in just about every loyalty program or reward program they come across. We earn in almost every place we shop: grocery store, mini-marts, entertainment… hell, we even earn points for working out. ? It made sense then, that if we […]

San Diego Comic Con 2018

The San Diego Comic Con 2018 ran from Thursday, July 19 to Sunday, July 22 at the San Diego Convention Center.  Although we didn’t attend, we enjoyed looking at the cosplay and watching the trailers and panel clips online. Here are a few of our favorite trailers and photos from the SDCC. TV & Movies […]

Back to School Backpacks and More

It’s almost time for back to school (or back to homeschooling).  This means it’s the time when you may need to buy new backpacks, notebooks, pencils, etc.  Instead of going the “regular” way, we like the geeky way.  This means superhero backpacks, nerdy notebooks, and quirky pencils.  Check out these products we found online to […]

10+ Geek Planter Ideas for Your Geek Garden or Home

If you’re a geek with a green thumb then you know an everyday planter is not for you.  Here are some geek planter ideas to add some geekery to your life.  And even if you don’t have a green thumb, a nice-looking faux plant will also look awesome in one of these planters. You can […]

Puerto Rico Comic Con 2018

Puerto Rico Comic Con 2018 took place at the Puerto Rico Convention Center on May 18, 19, and 20.  If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll notice we love cosplayers.  It’s why we’ve shared some of our faves from last year’s PRCC and other photos of cosplayers getting ready for this year. We have been waiting anxiously […]

New Design in our We Do Geek Shop

In our Saltgunners’ post, we gave a sneak peek of a new design we were working on.  Glad to announce we finished the design.  We love how it looks.  And we’ve added it to a BUNCH of new products in the shop. We had added a few mugs to our shop recently .  These were […]

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Geeky Mom

Mother’s Day is coming. Sure, there are a little over 3 weeks left, but you may have a lot to do.  You know…research, searching the stores, research, online ordering, changing your mind and/or realizing someone else bought that already, finding out she already bought herself that, researching some more. Of course you can just ask.  […]

We Have Buttons for Rocksalters and Saltgunners!

Attention Rocksalters and those in the Resistance! We have more buttons for you Saltgunners! For those of you in the Resistance…well we have something later on for you. In our first post, we mentioned our buttons and showed the following picture of the designs we put together: They hadn’t been added to the shop because […]