Hanging Out We Do Geek Style: Food, Film, Fun

Hanging out is sort of important for the We Do Geek family.  “All work and no play…”, right?  We like to go to some annual events, but we also enjoy eating out and, of course, catching new movies.

Last month, we went to Las Fiestas de la Calle de San Sebastian.  This is a tradition in Puerto Rico and it is a tradition for us to attend.  This festival marks the end of Puerto Rico Holiday season.  It is a huge party during the third weekend in January.  It’s food, music, and art…and food.  We like food.

SanSe’ (a nickname for the festival) gets really crowded, especially at night.  It’s why we choose either Saturday or Sunday and go during the day.  We enjoy the music, the food, the cabezudos, the food, and the artisans.  There’s always a stop we do when we visit Old San Juan: Cafe Don Ruiz.  And during SanSe’, while Lord Geek is enjoying his coffee and the kids their tostada, I visit the artisans stationed in the Ballajá Barracks.  We then walk to all the other artisans located throughout the area, listening to the music, and enjoying it all.

Because we’re still recovering from Hurricane Maria, I think the festival was definitely needed to lift spirits (and help local economy).  Also because of Hurricane Maria we didn’t do much else other than (more) food and a movie.

Puerto Rico’s first Dave & Buster’s opened and even though we very purposely missed the opening day, we checked it out.  Curiosity got the best of us because we love both games and food (have I said that, already?)  A while ago we gave up on our regular dining out place because last time we went we felt that they both increased prices and decreased servings. We’ve tried other places but none really felt like “our” spot.

And then I tasted the Americana Ribs.  I don’t really eat a huge variety of things so there’s always a little something I leave behind.  This time I almost licked the plate.  Almost.  I admit I swiped my fingers a couple of times.  (Don’t judge.)  Lord Geek had the Caveman Combo which was served in a bucket.  It was such a cute presentation.

But, that’s not the only hanging out we did. If you haven’t noticed on the We Do Geek Instagram feed, we’ve been very excited about the Black Panther movie.  It’s great because we usually get movies a day before, so we woke up early and hit the road.  And the movie was AWESOME.

It was a combination of the acting, the wardrobe…even Wakanda itself was beautiful.  And of ourse, the part of the Black Panther movie which I knew I would love: the badass females.

I squealed and commented on the film to Lord Geek as if he wasn’t there watching it as well.  I was just falling in love with each lady in the movie.  Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but they’ll probably do a Black Panther sequel and I’ll be right there for that one too.  And right now, I can’t wait to see them again in Avengers: Infinity War.

We Do Geek asks…
How does your geeky self/family like hanging out?  Have you seen Black Panther or do you still have to wait until tomorrow?  What did you think of it?  Let us know commenting below or on our Facebook page.

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